Friday, September 16, 2011

Some New Lessons

I actually began considering this blog when I realized how much I've already learned or begun to learn in the last month. Yeah, I've been a college student for almost a month. It's a bit scary. I would preface this with a little about myself, but that can wait, I think .For now, I just want to talk about lessons. I can't promise I've learned how to put these lessons into practice, but they are things I've realized or been taught.
  1. I need to look up more; where you look when you walk tends to correlate with your opinions of yourself. Looking up helps you feel better about yourself or conversely, the better you feel about yourself, the more you look up.
  2. It is ok to let your hair down. You don't have to be Miss Serious all the time, even when you're in public. That just makes people think you dislike them or are a killjoy. It's okay to laugh, joke, and be silly around other people, even if you don't know them very well. 
  3. Dancing's the most fun when you pretend no one is looking.
  4. Guy friends are the best, sometimes. They're really good at making you laugh or smile without meaning to, and they'd be really useful to have when you need to kill wasps.
  5. God hears you. Lately I've felt like my prayers were going to the ceiling, but when you earnestly seek Him, he will answer.
  6. Notation is important in Calculus, and Dr. Poet will take major points if you don't use it properly.
  7. Meeting people really isn't as scary as it seems. It's okay to sit down, say hi to strangers (though not creepers) and invite them to talk to or play games with you; you really don't seem as weird as you think you do. Sometimes, they'll say yes. Other times, they'll think you're nuts.
  8. When people think you're nuts, it's okay, because you very well might be. But it's you, and there's no reason to hide it for their benefit. Maybe they could use the companionship too. 
  9. Laughter really can be the cure all, but chocolate never hurts.
  10. You should actually be friends with sleep. It helps when you have class in the morning.
  11. You have to believe you're beautiful or sexy before someone else does. Looking down on yourself accomplishes nothing.
  12. Scotch tape does not hold paint-coated posterboard up. Period.
  13. Ratslap is best played in the basement after quiet hours. Getting yelled at is no fun.
  14. Homecooked food, even if it's just mac 'n' cheese is sometimes exactly what he doctor ordered.
  15. Being involved doesn't make you look like a dweeb, and if someone thinks so, then it's their loss. Don't not do things just because people might find them silly. You want involved friends anyway.
  16. If you like a guy, don't be nervous around him. Yes, I knew I shouldn't act nervous, but I always was. Now I'm realized that they're just people. Whatever happens happens.
  17. People can be stupid, but you'd be lost without them in your life.
So... Yeah. There's something you can know about me that I either didn't know or wasn't willing to practice 'til I got here. And I'm not entirely good at them all yet, but I'm hoping to get closer. Oh, and seventeen's one of my two favorite numbers. This was originally 20, but I liked 17 better.

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