Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So much crazy, so little time...

This summer is easily one of the most chaotic and amazing in my life thus far. So far, I have registered for classes, begun research, ridden in an airplane, left the Midwest for the first time, and seen the ocean, and it's only just June. But that may have actually been the calm part.

The next few weeks should be really chill. Doing math, hanging out with friends... The norm. But I also may get to see Idina Menzel (birthday present), I will turn 19, and I will start summer classes, which will bring me into July. From there, I will continue research; possibly be a part of a missions team in Kansas City doing Vacation Bible Schools for inner-city kids; go to Chicago with my mom, niece and cousins; and then the current plan is to depart for Honduras at the start of August, returning two days before RA training and the start of a new school year. I only wish I knew that it would all come together. The things I can guarantee are classes, research, and Chicago, and Honduras (buying my ticket this week! EEK!).

I can't believe how much is happening and how fast everything moving... It's crazy, but completely exciting. Talk to you later!