Friday, August 31, 2012


  1. Just landed!
  2. Oh my God. This place is beautiful.
  3. I feel like a fish out of water, but I’ll be damned if I don’t learn how to swim on land.
  4. I love everyone I have had the privilege to meet here.
  5. “We love you even when you don’t understand.” Ana and Molvin almost made me cry.
  6. Never did I think I would get to say, “We’re all gonna die, to Javier’s driving. Victory is mine.
  7. There is something special about these people
  8. Confession: I really enjoy dancing… By myself. In my room. Where no one can see me. I really suck at it. XD
  9. I got to see Javier and the group dance on stage! Saw most through a camera while videoing, but I made sure to look up so I could see it for real (Sorry about the shaky footage!). It was also Francisco’s first time dancing on stage.
  10. This is the only time you will hear me say a word about this. I am so frustrated. I wish I understood what was happening, but I can’t. And I wish the others didn’t have to use English just because of me. I want to be able to tell these amazing people just how amazing they are, but I don’t know how.
  11. I love knowledge and the pursuit of it, but I would rather have a kind heart any day.
  12. To all those I call my brother, sister, or close friend: I give a crap. When you’re exhausted, sad, frustrated, worried, excited… I care. Sometimes I suck at listening or miss a text, but know that I love you. The things you tell me when you’re crying or when you’ve had it up to here… I remember them because they’re important to you. There’s a reason that I keep popcorn on hand (because it makes you feel better like nothing else does); that I poke fun at the sounds you make crying on the phone (because it makes you laugh and forget what’s going on, just for a second); that I don’t hug you when you cry (because it only makes you cry harder); and so many other little things.. I’m here and I love you. Thank you for always being there. I’m honestly not sure what I would do without you in my life.
  13. I hate seeing the people I care about all stressed out, upset, and exhausted. Especially when I can do nothing to help.
  14. Holy cow! I’ve been here for more than a week. Time goes by SO fast.
  15. So… I danced. More than once. And it was a lot of fun!
  16. Tonight brought back so many good memories…Atol (I think that’s what it was called) is this really creamed, smooth corn soup/mush… It reminds me of my papa. Fresh corn anything was my childhood. I know they didn’t mean to bring back all the memories, but I’m so glad they did. J
  17. Wow. Tonight’s my last night in La Esperanza. This has been, without a doubt, one of my favorite experiences in life so far, and I got to share it with a friend (well, really… He shared it with me. Thank you, Javier!).
  18. I have always hated goodbyes, but watching them hurt someone else…. Sucks. L
  19. A mis amigos de Honduras, no pude hablar con ustedes cuando fui alla, pero les quiero. Gracias por su Amistad, especialmente cuando no entendi. Nunca lo olvide.

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